6 Things to Know About the Cybersecurity Ecosystem In Arizona

April 9, 2024

$1.6 billion in Venture Capital invested into AZ cybersecurity companies since 2018. Noteworthy investments include:

  • Bishop Fox with a $25.0 million funding round in February 2019.
  • CYR3CON, leveraging hacker-centric algorithms and AI to predict and prevent cyber attacks, secured $8.2 million in July 2020.
  • Emailage (now LexisNexis Risk Solutions), which provides fraud prevention and identity verification services, received a $10.0 million investment in June 2018.
  • Trusona, focusing on secure identity authentication, garnered $20.0 million in January 2020​

This is According to GPEC.


There are over 12,000 Cybersecurity Job openings in Arizona, as of the data of this blog post. This is according to Cyberseek’s Heatmap. According to Cyberseek, as of the date of posting.


There are over 23,000 Cybersecurity Professionals in Arizona.

This is according to Cyberseek as of the date of posting.


All 3 Public Universities have Cybersecurity Programs that feed the Local Ecosystem:

Honorable mention to Maricopa Community Colleges offers an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Cybersecurity.


The Arizona State Government has their own Cyber Command Center: Established by the Arizona Department of Homeland Security in July of 2021, it acts as a Security Operations Center (SOC) that monitors the networks for County, Tribal, and City Governments across Arizona. They also provide local governments with grants as part of a whole of state, collective defense approach.


There are over 100 Local Cybersecurity Companies in Arizona

And speakers from these companies have shared insights at Venture Cafe’s Thursday Gathering:

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