Change Phoenix from within.

Welcome to Venture Café Global’s inclusive platform, featuring the Thursday Gathering, empowers individuals and organizations across the world to learn, connect and share solutions for lasting impact. We welcome innovators of every expertise, experience level and identity to our events as both participants and presenters. We intentionally collaborate with a wide range of moderators, educators and thinkers to lead our programs because the more diverse the group of people engaged in innovation efforts, the bigger and more meaningful the local impact will be.

2022 brought a license agreement for Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) to start Venture Cafe Phoenix. Venture Café Global was a match for CEI with the vision of creating a collaborative industry-agnostic community gathering. CEI now hosts and programs the Venture Café Phoenix Thursday Gathering, a weekly event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, experts, and enthusiasts to network, learn, and showcase their amazing ideas.

The event is held in the space of another initiative by CEI, CEI LabForce, a groundbreaking endeavor that bridges the talent gap in the bio sector. CEI LabForce provides on-demand training and skills development for aspiring and experienced professionals who want to advance their careers and contribute to the thriving bioeconomy in Arizona.

Join us every Thursday and you’ll feel the excitement and passion in the air as you enter this dynamic space. You can witness the incredible innovations that are shaping the future of Arizona. From cutting-edge electric vehicles to lifesaving cancer vaccines, you can see firsthand how innovation in Phoenix is making a difference.

If you’re ready to join this movement, if you’re ready to unleash your entrepreneurial potential, if you’re ready to be part of something bigger than yourself, then connect with us at Venture Café Phoenix. Come to where innovation happens.



Every Innovation Ecosystem–no matter the size–needs an activator that creates movement. Someone creating connections as well as stimulates cross-functional collaborations. Someone that addresses the social part of innovation. Through our years of first-hand experience as an Innovation Ecosystem Activator, we have perfected our method to effectively maximize the impact of any ecosystem as a whole.

Venture Café believes that Isolation is the enemy of innovation and our mission is clear: Connect innovators to make things happen. We are a neutral and trusted center of gravity that connects the entire ecosystem and is available to everyone. Through our programs we routinely activate ecosystems, creating continuous exchange and conversation.



Building effective and impactful innovation ecosystems is an ongoing process that takes a lot of love and care. Venture Café brings together the entire innovation ecosystem weekly at our flagship program the Thursday Gathering. When connecting people, it’s so much more than just networking. It’s about fostering the right culture for support and cross-functional collaborations. Something requiring unique insights to achieve.

In our neutral and central position we form an understanding of the whole ecosystem that we constantly apply to improve the experience we provide. Knowing our community and the goals of the ecosystem allows us to naturally create the most impactful connections.

Our locations gather over 100,000 visionaries and lifelong learners each year to build strong, inclusive, equitable innovation ecosystems in cities throughout the world. We provide the network, the topical programming, the storytelling opportunities, the learning environments and the supporting resources, to create something great locally and that has impact globally.

Venture Café Phoenix is a non-profit organization and global network that seeks to further the local innovation ecosystem. Our mission is to “connect innovators to make things happen” through high-impact programming, spaces, storytelling, and broad innovation engagement.
Connect with other innovators & attend our virtual and in-person events.
Learn from like minded-, inspiring people as well as industry experts in their fields.
Help strengthen Phoenix's innovation community by sharing your knowledge and story.
Global network
Venture Café Phoenix is part of the growing Venture Café global network – and that means you are, too!
Industry Agnostic
Innovation happens at the intersections of industries and disciplines, that’s why every week we convene the entire ecosystem.
Innovation is for Everyone
Venture Café Phoenix is dedicated to making innovation ecosystems more equitable and creating pathways for everyone to take part in innovation.

Venture Café

The Venture Café Phoenix and CEI partnership gives Arizona access to a global network and creates a weekly Thursday Gathering where a space for people of different industries, diverse backgrounds, and different views will have the opportunity to make meaningful connections, to share their expertise with others, and where all can learn. 

"We love spending time at Venture Café’s Thursday Gathering because of the level of people that come here. All the people that come here have a goal and have a willingness to share, whatever it is; contacts, information and tips & tricks. From every Venture Café I’ve been to, I’ve taken something home with me that made Skoon or myself personally better."
Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst
Founder, Skoon

Venture Café is part of a global network – and that means you are, too!

Venture Café Phoenix is part of the growing Venture Café global network – and that means you are, too! Through our collaborations in cities from Tokyo to Warsaw to Sydney, we’ll connect you with change-makers and resources to help you expand innovation both locally and globally. Together, let’s ignite creativity and catalyze action to solve humankind’s challenges while meaningfully supporting entrepreneurs and innovators, many of whom have traditionally been underserved. Check out the benefits of worldwide collaboration!


Thursday Gatherings are held at 850 North 5th Street Phoenix Az, 85004

Easy and free parking in the south parking lot across the street from the building.

Parking validation is available at registration.

Venture Café Phoenix location map