Art or Science? - Game Play

In-person session | Engage, Play, Connect

April 21, 2022 | 6:45 PM - 6:50 PM
Room: North Lobby

Finish out the night, with this interactive connectivity game. This game could be called, “Try to Fool Your Friend”! Through this activity, we will be exploring the differences and similarities between art and science, artists and scientists. 


How to Play!

Choose an image from the collection on your phone or an image online that you think is either an art image or a scientific image and one that could potentially fool your colleagues into thinking it is science when the image is an artistic one or an artistic image that could be seen as scientific. (Some of course, will be both.) 


Think about what puts it in one category or the other. Is it in both camps? If so, is it primarily one or the other? What made you choose it? 


Share this image with someone in the room that you haven’t yet met. Ask them to commit their opinion about whether it is science or art. Explain what it is and why you think it fits into one discipline or both. 




April 21, 2022

850 N 5th St. Phoenix Az, 85004

Easy and free parking in the South lot.

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