At Today’s Immunity, we provide 24-hour measurable immune support in a single capsule. Each year over 2 billion people are affected by seasonal respiratory infections and spend over $31 billion on immune support products. Our formula activates a natural metabolic process throughout the body to combat respiratory infections.

Our proprietary blend of natural compound precursors enables the body’s immune system to fight off infection. Like the body’s natural metabolism activates pro-drug precursors into an active agent, our blend of compounds creates a potent form of vitamin C. It generates levels of systemic nitric oxide (NO). Vitamin C and NO direct the body’s cells to defend against pathogens and modify viruses to be less infectious in the respiratory system. A single capsule taken as a supplement provides long-lasting, 24-hour measurable immune system support.

The discovery of the body’s nitric oxide pathway and the subsequent 1996 Nobel Prize has generated 50 years of clinical research and safety data. The currently available supplements in this space are low-performing and only last 3-4 hours, similar to eating a large amount of kale or beets. The dietary pathway generation of nitric oxide is measurable with a nitric oxide test (spit, urine, gas, or blood). In reproducible, preliminary dietary-restricted studies, we have shown sustained nitric oxide levels for 8, 12, 24, 36, and 72-hour time periods.

For our “live” session, we will use nitric oxide test strips and other biometric measurements to demonstrate the immunity-boosting effect of our Today’s Immunity capsules for anyone who wants to participate.

helloHealth® believes that all kids and adults have a right to a happy, healthy life.

And that parents and carers like you are able to find natural, trusted wellness solutions and innovative support, without fear.

Discover the Joy. hellohealth®​ is here to help provide doctor-formulated brain, gut and immune health to assist your family reach their full potential.

• Natural ingredients 

• GMO-free

• Gluten-free

• Unsweetened

• As pure as possible

hellohealth® provides holistic nutritional formulas, scientific education and support for courageous families like yours to help your families live their lives fully.


May 12, 2022

850 N 5th St. Phoenix Az, 85004

Easy and free parking in the South lot.

Validation available at registration.

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AI for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders
Welcome to “AI for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders” – a platform created to unravel the dynamic, rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and its transformative implications for businesses across sectors. In today’s digitally-driven world, understanding and leveraging AI technologies is not just beneficial—it’s crucial for growth, competitiveness, and innovation. Whether you are a startup founder seeking to disrupt industries, a seasoned business leader aiming to future-proof your enterprise, or a curious mind eager to learn about the AI frontier, this meetup is designed for you. Our group fosters an open, collaborative space where you can: Learn and Grow Deepen your understanding of AI and its subfields – Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, and more. Keep abreast with the latest AI research, trends, tools, and applications in business. Engage in Thought-Provoking Discussions Participate in enriching, robust discussions on the ethical, societal, and economic implications of AI. Understand how to effectively navigate the challenges and pitfalls in AI adoption. Network with Diverse Professionals Connect with a diverse network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, AI enthusiasts, and experts. Gain unique insights from their journeys, experiences, and perspectives. Discover Opportunities Learn about AI success stories and how businesses are using AI to gain a competitive edge. Explore possibilities for implementing AI in your own business context. Collaborate Find potential collaborators, partners, and mentors. Forge strategic relationships to drive your AI journey. Get Hands-On Participate in workshops, webinars, and hackathons. Get practical, hands-on experience with AI tools and techniques. Our meetups will feature a blend of presentations, workshops, guest speaker sessions, and networking events, catering to all levels of AI knowledge and experience. We welcome everyone interested in exploring how AI can accelerate business growth, increase operational efficiency, and foster innovation. Join “AI for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders” today and step into the future of business and entrepreneurship, powered by AI. Let’s navigate the AI revolution together!