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Create an impactful experience that lives past your session

Make your breakout session or workshop at Venture Café’s Thursday Gatherings an unforgettable and impactful experience. We understand the importance of engaging your audience and creating meaningful interactions. At Venture Café, we provide a range of services to enhance your session, including session chat with top questions for speakers, live polls called Think Tank, and the ability to share Call to Actions and session slides. With our dedicated session management page, you’ll have all the information and tools you need to organize and manage your session effectively. Let us help you create a dynamic and valuable experience for your audience.

Our services
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Session Chat
Engage your audience and foster meaningful conversations with our session chat feature for your session visitors. Session hosts can find the most liked messages, ensuring that the most relevant and insightful inquiries are addressed. This interactive element promotes active participation and creates a collaborative atmosphere during your breakout session or workshop.
Why you should use Session Chat?
Real-time audience engagement through live chat
Direct communication with speakers
Prioritization of top questions for speaker Q&A
Enhanced interaction and knowledge sharing among participants
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Think Tank
Elevate audience engagement and gather valuable insights with our Think Tank feature, which offers live polling capabilities. By conducting polls during your session, you can gauge participant opinions, collect insights, and facilitate interactive discussions around key topics. Think Tank integrates seamlessly with the session chat, creating a comprehensive and interactive experience for your audience.
Why you should use Think Tank?
Conduct live polls and gather real-time feedback and opinions
Stimulate interactive discussions on relevant topics
Seamlessly integrates with session chat for a cohesive experience
Generate insights to form post-session thought-leadership content
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Calls to Action
Amplify the impact of your breakout session or workshop and get an edge by sharing essential resources with your audience. With our platform, you can conveniently share calls to action and session slides, ensuring participants have access to valuable information beyond the event. This feature empowers attendees to take action and continue their learning journey long after the session concludes.
Why you should use Call to actions?
Share call to actions and resources with participants
Provide session slides for comprehensive understanding
Extend the impact of your session beyond the event
Enable participants to continue their learning journey

Session Management

In addition to our comprehensive suite of Session services, we offer a valuable resource to all hosts: event logistics, social media posts and all other relevant information for a host. The social media posts are carefully crafted to promote your session on social media platforms, maximizing the reach and impact of your session.

This centralized hub ensures that hosts and speakers have easy access to all the practical information they need to plan and organize their session effectively. From event logistics and dates to links and notes from Venture Café, everything is conveniently available in one place. By providing comprehensive and practical information, we aim to streamline the planning process and help hosts create an engaging and successful session. Together, let’s ensure that your breakout session or workshop not only delivers valuable content but also operates smoothly and seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

For every sessions there are two different kinds of session hosts (someone can be either or both):

  1. Session Organizer – You are the main contact person with Venture Café and are the organizing partner. Once you have filled in the session setup form you automatically become the session organizer.
  2. Speaker – You are leading the session alone or together with more people. The session organizer or Venture Café staff gives you the speaker setup form. Once filled out you are automatically considered a speaker of that session.

Only for session organizers

The Session management-page is available to all hosts. However, as a session organizer you can add some additional information to your session. At Venture Café we don’t allow any hard sales as we believe in high level conversation. However, we do know that people that are interested in what you do want access to more information. Therefore you can add a custom Call to action that suits your needs. We ask you to stay within the mentality of Venture Café and are straight to the point of your Call to action. This will be reviewed by Venture Café staff.

You also have the option to upload your presentation slides. This can significantly extend the longevity of your session. Your visitors can come back and keep learning from you.

In case you lost it, you can find the link to add more speakers to your session a well information about your Think Tank poll – or request one if you don’t already have one set up.

The Visitor Dashboard

When entering your session, your visitors check in using the QR-code at the entrance. This unlocks the “Visitor Dashboard” on your session page. The visitors can participate in the sesion chat, find additional resources and your custom call to action in order to create a more immersive and interactive experience.

In the chat visitors can post messages during your session. The visitors can like messages so that you as the session host quickly can see top messages.

Session Chat: Engaging Conversations and Top Messages

Engage your audience in meaningful conversations and foster a collaborative atmosphere with our session chat feature. With real-time audience engagement, participants can ask questions directly to the speakers, ensuring that the most relevant and insightful inquiries are addressed. By promoting active participation, you create an interactive experience that captivates your audience and enhances the overall impact of your breakout session or workshop.

Every session has a chat available without any actions needed. If you want to get a preview or post some initial messages you can go to your session page. As a host you have access to see what the Visitor Dashboard looks like already.

Top Messages & Chat moderation

The top messages are visible to all session hosts, so that you and your other speakers can get an overview of the discourse at a quick glance. A sure way to spark a conversion into an in person interaction with the visitors of your session.

The chat follows around in our different services, such as the Think Tank, so that the conversation can continue.

All session hosts are able to moderate the chat and as always participants must abide by Venture Cafés community credo.

Think Tank – Live Polls: Gathering Insights and Interactive Discussions

Engage your participants further with our Think Tank feature, which offers live polling capabilities. Conducting live polls during your session enables you to gather valuable insights, gauge participant opinions, and drive interactive discussions on key topics. Think Tank seamlessly integrates with the session chat, allowing you to create a cohesive and interactive experience that captivates your audience.

Think Tank Management

You as the session host have access to the Think Tank manager, which acts like a remote. Select the Think Tank question you want to display and immediately the presentation and all the participants’ phones will change to that question!

From the Think Tank Manager page,  you will also have an overview of the chat and the top messages so that you quickly can get an insight to your session visitors’ opinion.

Calls to Action and Session Slides: Extending Impact Beyond the Session

Amplify the impact of your breakout session or workshop by sharing valuable resources with your audience. Our platform enables you to share Calls to Action and session slides, providing participants with actionable next steps and additional session materials. By extending the impact beyond the event, you empower attendees to continue their learning journey and apply the knowledge gained during your session.

This information will also be sent out to the visitors of your session the day after through email, and can be found in the “My events”-section on the website.