Aline Lédémin Dazogbo

Aline Lédémin Dazogbo

Fashion Designer / Founder & CEO

Aline Lédémin Dazogbo was born in Cotonou Benin and was raised in between France and 12 countries. A citizen of the world, that’s how Aline describes herself. She was lucky enough to travel the world, from Africa to Europe, from Australia to Brazil and much more. Over the course of time, she had developed a great sense of adaptation and a true passion for ecology and sustainability with  a true passion for images, colors combinations, volumes, visual arts in general and an ever growing passion for leadership and entrepreneurial ventures.

She started working on opening a whole closet to the world at the early age of 10 years old.

At the age of 18, she moved to Paris to pursue her passion for fashion and took classes at Esmod International. Double trained in fashion design and pattern making, she specialized in stage costumes and graduated from Esmod Paris in 2005. She then took classes at Ecole Lessage, learning more than 40 haute couture embroideries techniques, most of which, still making marquis and luxury brands what we know them for: craftmanship and quality.

Flying with the wind that naturally leads her in 2009 to San Francisco, she opened her first store in June 2010- a retail location named Aline’s Closet- at 101 Pierce Street, in San Francisco she kept for 10 years.

In 2012 , Aline Dazogbo created The Perfect Cardigan. “Because it’s not always sunny in San Francisco”. Since then, she has sold more than 2000 cardigans around the world and made this piece her signature.

Aline has always seen life on the bright side, embracing challenges and is goals and solutions driven.

In May 2016 she opened a second boutique VOILA, in beautiful Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco at 1431 Castro street. Little did she know that she was creating in San Francisco the first concept store to ever mix fashion, a non toxic nail salon and a floral studio.

Her first nail polish line, VOILA, a clean nail art collection of nail art stick ons just launched as a gift to the nail industry  last month, soon after the launch of her new fashion e-commerce under the eponym name Aline Lédémin.
During her last travel in Benin in February 2022, she got the opportunity to design a new collection with local tailors and brought back the collection to the US. There, she brought to the field, a diversity of development opportunities, ideas and resources to empower people.

Today her goal is to bring strength and create opportunities to artists and entrepreneurs in Africa and support them through bringing their craftsmanship and culture to life, hand in hand along hers.
It’s through their skills and talents, energized with the right capital and structure that African artists and entrepreneurs will rise and shine beyond borders, following the path of a pioneer American Dreamer.