Christin Daniels

Christin Daniels

CEO and Co-Founder – INSPIRED Vibe

Christin Daniels is the passionate CEO and founder of INSPIRED Vibe, a marketing and sales consultancy that empowers businesses to achieve their goals through strategic communication and marketing solutions. A true marketing enthusiast since her teenage years, Christin likened her marketing education to thrilling Indiana Jones adventures, captivated by the idea of inviting people to discover something great.

Christin's career was significantly influenced by her grandfather, a successful salesman and entrepreneur who supported his family and built the life he envisioned for himself and his wife. His unwavering determination and guidance led Christin down the path of a career in sales. Beginning her B2B career in Phoenix, Christin later transitioned to San Francisco and eventually New York. It was during this time that she discovered her unique skill set in building relationships, understanding clients' businesses, and providing solutions to advance their objectives.

Driven by the desire to create something of her own, Christin founded INSPIRED Vibe. As an entrepreneur, she recognized the challenges businesses face and the importance of delivering excellence. Determined to provide the highest level of support and guidance, Christin sought help to further enhance her company's offerings.

Five years into her entrepreneurial journey, Christin found the perfect partner in Amber. Together, they developed an effective sales-focused approach that enables businesses to move forward in their missions and achieve their objectives through communication, strategy, and marketing. Today, Christin Daniels continues to lead INSPIRED Vibe with the same passion and dedication that sparked her love for marketing as a teenager.