Justin Gray

Justin Gray


Justin is the co-founder and managing director of  In Revenue, the first operator-immersive capital firm, obsessed with enabling founders with what our Partners have learned by leading over 4000 GTM engagements. We invest in pre-Series A startups that can capture the fire of Partner-Led Growth.

To round out his plate, and focus on a different kind of growth, Justin and his father own and operate a 130+ acre USDA Certified Organic Hemp farm in rural Missouri. They are pioneering the resurgence of the ‘new cotton’, which is a complete misnomer as hemp is one of the oldest crops on earth. They are one of the first certified organic hemp field growers to focus on the CBG cannabinoid, an innovative genetic cannabis strain with very real health benefits.

In addition to all of the above, Justin loves the written word. In 2008 he left my job as a VP of Marketing and Sales in a small niche industry with almost no personal brand or platform. Today he has become a recognized speaker and author published hundreds of times in top publications. In 2017 he started his very own column, ‘Tribal Leadership’, in Inc. Magazine.