Paige Hanson

Paige Hanson

Head of Communications and Partnerships – SecureLabs Inc.

Paige Hanson is a renowned authority in consumer and digital safety with over 15 years of experience in identity management. As a co-founder and Head of Communications and Partnership at SecureLabs, Paige has dedicated her career to protecting consumers and businesses from identity theft and cyber threats. She is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and holds a
certificate in Identity Leadership from the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Identity.

Her dedication to public safety has led her to design a national identity theft training program for law enforcement, in collaboration with FBI-LEEDA. This program has been taught in all 50 states, reaching over 17,000 law enforcement officials from over 6,000 agencies.

In addition, Paige has served as a liaison for the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA), where she played an instrumental role in training over 3,000 victim advocates and military personnel.

Paige is a frequent speaker at nationwide events, raising awareness about identity theft and related issues. Her expertise has been featured in numerous media outlets, solidifying her reputation as a leading voice in the field of digital safety. On a personal note, Paige resides in Arizona with her husband, daughter, and their boxer dog, Tyson. And for the record, Tyson’s name is not her password. 🙂