Pamela Wirth

Pamela Wirth

Founder of Hello Health

Hello Health, Founded by Pamela Wirth following a neurodiversity diagnosis of her son, provides doctor-formulated supplements and is dedicated to nutrition, education and building a network to help heal more people – particularly those with Neurodiversity, Autoimmune and Autism syndromes. 


Pamela Wirth is the first female on either side of her family to attend college, Carnegie Mellon trained MBA, former public company executive, management consultant, author, a hockey mom, lifelong learner and health enthusiast. Having overcome personal, financial and professional challenges, she has used her life experiences to positively impact startups to public companies as Principal of Strategic Growth Advisory.


Ms. Wirth enjoys health and wellness, traveling, and helping others, specifically enabling children to feel better from the inside out. She combined these passions along with her experience while living in Europe and Asia with US doctors and other families to co-author Hello, Health. Ms. Wirth’s consulting, life experiences and attention to detail allowed her to work with a number of people and companies with a passion for helping others.