100+ Patents a Year and Rising

100+ Patents a Year and Rising

Bruce Burgess, Director of Venture Development – Tech Launch Arizona (TLA)

The University of Arizona’s technology transfer program Tech Launch Arizona (TLA) was revamped 10 years ago. Its purpose became focused on helping faculty and students protect their innovations and to provide support in getting the invention to market.

The program has been filing 100 patents a year and that number is increasing.

For academic staff and students who have a patentable idea and want to start a company, the University licenses the technology to the founders. For some, TLA will support the company from formation of a corporate entity to mapping a path to get into the market, and the launch/growth of the company.  TLA provides subject matter experts from the community to help the company understand and build the business infrastructure. This includes everything from design development to marketing.  Having access to subject matter experts gives the company real world viewpoints based on experience and can help avoid costly mistakes and delays.

TLA has helped to created 130 new companies and those companies have raised approximately $700 million. They have an impressive list of life science, physical science, software and copyright companies.

TLA is engaged with both the Phoenix and Tucson areas and research is being done in both locations.
The programs are engaged with the communities and are looking for subject matter experts from all disciplines to support startups to get into the market. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to Bruce – BruceB@tla.arizona.edu

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