Dietary Supplement Industry, A Personal Nutrition Journey

Dietary Supplement Industry, A Personal Nutrition Journey

Story written by Shahid Meighan


Pamela Wirth, CEO of Hello Health (, and Scott Jenkins, CEO of Today’s Immunity (, spoke briefly about their personal stories and how it led them to develop their respective products. 

For Pamela, her journey to creating Hello Health started when her then 5-year-old son began exhibiting odd behaviors as well as other symptoms, including dilated pupils and the inability to express emotions. He was mis-diagnosed with autism and started digressing over a period of a few weeks. She felt uneasy about the diagnoses and opinions of the doctors she talked to, so she sought out a doctor who had been raised in both Asia and the Philippines. The doctor taught Pamela how to make at-home supplements to treat what turned out to be several infections and also cleansed the body. They also made several diet adjustments, including cutting out sugar and gluten. Now, 10 years later, Pamela’s son is a star athlete and “perfectly annoying” 15 year old boy. 

Scott Jenkins, a seasoned chemist, had suffered from an upper respiratory infection that he suspects was COVID. After about 6 weeks, he began experiencing symptoms of long COVID. After conducting his own research and replicating a study that completely eradicated SARS-1, he created a powerful immunity capsule, which combines Vitamin C and a nitric oxide supplement. The supplement also includes self-measurement tools. According to Jenkins, oftentimes people are sympathetic to suggestions but what is needed are things you can measure yourself. 

“For most supplements, you don’t know if it works or not. You’re guessing, you’re hoping, you’re praying, you want to justify the money you spent. But very often, you’re just buying expensive urine. And so we wanted to provide a way where if you’re taking something, you can measure it and see if it works for you.”

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