A OneMillion Goal

A OneMillion Goal

Angelia Hill, Commissioner and President – OneMillion Entrepreneurs

If you need an energy boost or to get inspired by a cause, then listening to Angelia Hill speak about the goals for OneMillion Entrepreneurs is your answer. Hill is the President and Board chairwoman of this movement to improve the economy by scaling up small businesses to be self-sufficient. The big audacious goal for this movement is to grow Arizona’s small business community to 1,000,000 entrepreneurs by 2036, and make Arizona the small business capital of America.

OneMillion Entrepreneurs is focused on inspiring the small business community, creating connections and collaborations, and providing resources to transform small businesses to become self-sustaining.  OneMillion Entrepreneurs accomplishes this through peer-to-peer collaborations, next-level networking opportunities, education courses taught by industry leaders, mentorship, and cost effective virtual or hands-on workshops with subject matter experts.

In looking at what is the largest struggle small businesses face, Angelia says it is where to turn when they do not have enough funds to grow. It isn’t “necessarily having enough funds to run their business or to have great cash flow, but knowing kind of where to turn to when they get into trouble. How do they get out of the issue of not having enough money to sustain? So funding, I would say – financials, is the biggest area.” The startup ecosystem in Arizona would agree with this.

If you are of the mind that small business can transform our Arizona economy, then get involved as a sponsor, a mentor, a collaborator or by spreading the word of the mission.

To learn more, go to https://www.onemillionaz.com/get-involved

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