Building Economic Stories

Building Economic Stories

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Founder – Finance-Ability

Stephanie Sims has more than two decades of experience in finance, quality & IT management, and valuation of public and private entities. She is the owner of Finance-Ability, a consulting firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs build economic stories.

A second-generation entrepreneur, Stephanie believes that business owners are amazing people who contribute to both the local (financial) economy and the “mental” economy by generating hope and positive energy all around them. Too many business owners become disillusioned because they’re unable to fulfill their dreams, and the desire to help is what drove Stephanie to work within and later consult with start-ups in need of funding.

One of her consulting services, and the reason she visited Venture Cafe on September 15th, 2022, is helping entrepreneurs with their pitch. The key, Sims says, is to always end with an ask, regardless of who you’re pitching to or what you’re asking for. Sometimes, just asking for feedback is enough of an ask, though if you’re looking to get funded, get clear with how much you’re asking for and don’t be bashful.

Working with owners during both the funding and sale process, Sims realized that business owners needed down-to-earth explanations of financial principles instead of jargon. And given the plethora of financing options, they needed an easy way to know where to start, so that they didn’t waste time and energy.

Developing this knowledge base led Sims to see that everyone has the ability to manage their finances successfully, but they don’t always realize it.

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