Community Spotlight- Brett Pemberton

Written by Sonia Parikh

Brett Pemberton is the CEO and Founder of Prophecy music production which is a an international label that focuses on guiding up and coming music artists through the music business. He has dipped his toes into multiple sectors as not only the artist behind the scenes but also in front of the camera performing as well. Brett has helped develop artists on Atlantic, Sony, Warner, Universal, Hollywood records, and his songs have been performed in arenas around the world. In 2011 Brett competed in American Idol which ultimately gave him the support to begin all of these music ventures. Recently Brett has joined the Venture Cafe Phoenix family and we are more than lucky to have him because of his unique perspectives and experiences. If you get the opportunity to meet Brett make sure to ask about his new music coming out!

How did you hear about Venture Café?
It’s a guy named Alec. In fact, I bumped into him at a coffee shop and I told him that I was an entrepreneur and that I owned a company called Prophecy. And he said you should absolutely check this place out. So he’s actually here tonight, if I’m not mistaken.

Whenever you come to Venture Café, are you more interested in our panels or is it more networking, getting to know the people in the Valley?
Yeah, I’d say that it’s fascinating to be able to dip your toes into industries that you’re not as well versed in, to learn from that and see how there might be parallels within the music industry or film industry. These things are important, but everything from tech to business. It all kind of makes sense for me because I work in entertainment as well as I’m a business owner, so it presses a lot of my different buttons. But I think the most interesting thing so far has just been how warm and courteous the staff is. And that makes it feel very like you’re at home.

Have you had any memorable connections at Venture Café Phoenix?
Yeah, absolutely. In fact, just talking to Forbes has been very informative because obviously he works with entrepreneurs himself and Alex is welcoming from the film and entertainment and music background is very powerful. But Forbes struck a chord within me because as a small business owner, you have stages of development that you get to and a lot of it comes from grind and hustle and strategy and self education. But you sometimes reach these plateaus. Those plateau toes can be very tricky because you literally have not traversed that landscape before. And so from what I understand, Forbes is offering business owners ways to strategize and reinform themselves of their purpose, their best strategy for both life and business. And I think it’s important to balance those things because what is money without life fulfilled? And so I think that’s a really good place to be for someone like me.

Tell us a little more about your current Company/project.
We’re called Prophecy Productions or Profits and Music Group. You can look up either. And we now are focused more on a global market. So we have artists in Europe and Asia, in Latin America, North America, et cetera. And our mission is to help the most talented and beautiful voices inside humans find a route to success because it’s very confusing in the music industry and there’s sort of an outdated system that is largely kind of preyed upon artists. And so we’re trying to offer an intermediate scenario where artists can have more control then they can also get in touch with very powerful people in the music industry, like some of the top producers, managers, agents, attorneys, and in some cases labels as well.

Any final thoughts on Venture Café Phoenix?
Two free drinks, man. I’m currently on the Silver wagon, but I think that the environment is very high end, especially down here in downtown Phoenix. There’s a lot of cool stuff around here, great restaurants. So you come down here for Venture Café , have a couple of glass of wine or something, meet people that can help you. I think one bit of advice, which I heard at one of the first meetings was to come offering, how can you help? And I think that’s really cool. So looking for opportunities to help other people is what I would suggest if someone is going to come. But I’d absolutely encourage you and it’s very cool. Oftentimes these things can feel a little clinical and dry.

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