Community Spotlight: John McElligott

Written by Sonia Parikh

John McElligott is the executive director of The Maricopa County Medical Society working to connect those who help to those who need help. McElligott has served in the United States Army Reserve for over 11 years and hosts a weekly podcast called ‘One CA’ which highlights members involved in the Civil Affairs Association. Venture Café Phoenix is lucky to have John as one of its recurring attendees because of his unique experiences and refreshing perspectives. If you attend Venture Café Phoenix and get the opportunity to speak to John McElligott, be sure to ask him about his ‘Why’.

How did you hear about Venture Café?

Claudia Whitehead of the City of Phoenix told me about Venture Café and its efforts to grow the local entrepreneur ecosystem.

What does Venture Café Phoenix mean to you?

The effort means the city, local businesses, universities, and budding entrepreneurs have an excellent location to convene and learn from each other. It’s another step in the evolution of the valley as an entrepreneurial hotspot.

Have you had any memorable connections at Venture Café Phoenix?

Yes, I’ve connected with others in healthcare who have ideas or started companies that need access to physicians as advisors, directors, or investors.

Tell us a little more about your current Company/project.

The Maricopa County Medical Society is the oldest medical association in Arizona but we have our eyes set on helping to create the future of medicine in the valley. A piece of that future includes physician-driven companies, clinics, networks, and health systems delivering high-quality care. We are ready to connect startups with physicians.

Can you discuss your experience at Venture Café Phoenix and any impact the event has had on your organization?

Venture Café Phoenix helped to widen the aperture of what is being developed by young students and seasoned experts alike. It helps the medical society to keep a perspective that any idea is welcome until it’s tested by potential customers or patients.

Any final thoughts on Venture Café Phoenix?
Keep going. The events are providing value to the community and will take root in places you least expect.

To connect with John McElligott on LinkedIn click here.

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