Electrifying Arizona

Electrifying Arizona

Electric Vehicle innovation and progress has long been associated with California, until now. Lucid Motors is changing the narrative with its new factory in Casa Grande. 

“Arizona was very welcoming to Lucid and we want to be as welcoming, helping the community here,” Bryan Villalobos, Manufacturing Business Coordinator of Lucid Motors said. 

Melissa Avitia, also a Manufacturing Business Coordinator at Lucid Motors, said on company growth that its, “To build the best quality vehicle, with the best people, which we are finding here in Arizona.” She added, “It’s been a beautiful thing to watch and witness the growth in Casa Grande.” 

Lucid Motors chose Casa Grande after evaluating 13 other states for factory sites. According to their website, Lucid Motors chose Arizona “upon numerous positive factors, including business climate, infrastructure, talent, geographic location, and the automotive supply chain in the Arizona-Sonora region.”

Lucid Motors isn’t slowing down its relationship with Arizona anytime soon. A second factory expansion providing for an additional 2.4 million square feet is underway, with two further expansions planned through 2028.

The development and expansion in Casa Grande isn’t lost on Avitia. “I feel proud working at Lucid because I am from Arizona and I never thought I would see anything like this here. I smile thinking about the opportunities we are creating for all walks of life.” 

To learn more about Lucid Motors, visit www.lucidmotors.com.  

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