Andres Sigcha, CEO

Have you ever attended a meeting where you felt like your input was not valued or you were not given the chance to speak up? This is the very reason that led Andres Sigcha to embark on an ambitious journey – to help organizations create a culture of inclusive, productive, and fair meetings that actively address unconscious bias. He believes that this focus on meeting equity can raise the bar for overall meeting effectiveness and business productivity.

Sigcha’s innovative software, TARIY, is designed to revolutionize the way organizations conduct meetings. It gives every person, regardless of background or personality type, a chance to speak and be heard. The outcome is to have every team member engaged, where every idea is considered, and every perspective is understood.

“Effective meetings offer an opportunity for everyone to have their questions answered, ideas heard, and perspectives understood by colleagues,” says Andres. “As a person of color, drawing from my own experiences and understanding of the importance of representation and inclusion, I was driven to create a platform that empowers all individuals to have a powerful and meaningful voice, not just a mere presence at the table.”

Research shows that women and diverse groups are more than twice as likely to be interrupted in dialogues during meetings and causes these groups to remain quiet. This causes these team members to feel creativity and innovation to wain. In addition, data shows that half of work time is spent in meetings, yet 71% of them are unproductive. With TARIY, employers can improve engagement, foster collaboration, and unlock the potential of every voice in the room.

As the world continues to change, solutions like TARIY become increasingly important in helping businesses create equitable meeting environments and maximize their potential. Sigcha’s goal is for organizations to ensure that every voice in their room is heard. Upgrade your meetings and take the first step towards a more inclusive, productive, and equitable work environment.

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