Getting Children Outdoors

Getting Children Outdoors

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Kara Jensen, President – Be Outdoors Arizona

We have become a society that loves scrolling on our phones instead of strolling in nature. Being inside so much of the time, as we know from COVID, can take a toll on mental and physical health. When children are encouraged and guided to play and discover things in nature, the experience brings creativity, problem-solving development and develops their inquisitive minds.

Kara Jensen, the Executive Director of Be Outdoors Arizona, has 20+ years of experience in sales and marketing. Her passion is outdoor recreation and wildlife conservation. She is excited about this opportunity which blends her skills and passion for a great cause.

Kara fosters in children a chance to foster a love of being in nature. She has developed partnerships with over 200 organizations that host camps and activities for kids. The activities include archery, biking, birding, camping, and hiking. Every activity is available through the Be Outdoors activity calendar.

Jensen observes that time away from technology does wonders.

“I see full transformations over one weekend. You get kids that are a little unruly and misbehaving and by the end of the weekend, they are polite. You also have kids that are shy and then blossom with confidence. In one weekend, they are able to create lifelong hobbies that they can take on to their kids” 

Kara’s success comes when each child attends and moves towards continuous nature-centered outdoor experiences. She started locally here in Arizona, but her really big audacious goal is to take this program to every state in the country.

Kara does all this with the help of sponsors and volunteers. To see all the great activities for your child, become a sponsor, or volunteer, take a look at the Be Outdoors website, follow them on social media, and attend their events.  We can all use some nature!!

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