Meet Helen Goldstein – Attorney for Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

Written by Kevin Tobias

Helen Goldstein may have called London home in the past, but she is now a proud Arizona resident, holding both an American law degree from ASU and an English law degree from the University of Nottingham. Helen is an attorney at Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP and has recently helped Venture Café Phoenix shape our Mentor Corner. We are thrilled to have Helen join the VCPhx community!

Please share with us what you do.
I’m an attorney. I specifically practice corporate law and commercial contracting. In short, I see myself as a “relationship architect”. I create, build and then put into words all the ways that people and their businesses work together. It’s both challenging and also fascinating to see all the unique ways that people collaborate and I really love helping businesses find and grow their value.

Why would you say you’re here at Venture Café Phoenix?
I am heavily invested in the tech, startup, life sciences and health care industries here in Phoenix. I think that contributing to organizations like Venture Café Phoenix, and being as generous as possible, is a way to grow, improve, stabilize and supercharge the ecosystem that we have here. Venture capitalists coming in from major hubs like San Francisco think they are here to educate us when, in fact, it’s sometimes more of an education for them. They are often unaware of how great Arizona is and particularly how dynamic our start-up community has become. I love seeing that moment where they realize… “wait, there’s more than just cactus here?”. So I just feel very privileged to be able to contribute some skills and some talent into Venture Café Phoenix.

Tell me a little bit about Mentor Corner.
The point of Mentor Corner is really to provide an approachable, easy way to meet professionals who service businesses here in Arizona. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are sometimes terrified to pick up the phone and call, for example, a lawyer, accountant, or marketing guy. Despite having just a simple question, they may be scared of huge bills and may have no experience working with these kinds of third-party providers. It is difficult to find places to get just simple generic questions answered. The goal of Mentor Corner is to provide a really open and welcoming space for people to meet professionals who listen and provide a little bit of education. It gives a starting point, resources and a future point of contact.

How can Venture Café Phoenix help you?
I am deeply invested in seeing the Arizona business ecosystem grow and the more it grows, the better it gets. I really enjoy serving local clients and seeing our state become a global player. Venture Café Phoenix gives me the opportunity to provide some talent and insight, and that is, in itself, a real pleasure.

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