Innovation – The Planting of Many Seeds

Innovation – The Planting of Many Seeds

Kyle Siegal, Senior Vice President & Chief Patent Counsel – ASU Skysong Innovations

Skysong with its beautiful tent sails overhead is more than just a sight. It is the place where innovations can become a commercial product.

Kyle Siegal, Senior Vice President & Chief Patent Counsel, says that the program is an economic engine and serves faculty, economic impact, builds ranking and reputation, not just for ASU, but for the State of Arizona as well. They support technology from within ASU, well known brands to two-person startups.

For those who have created technology within ASU, Kyle likened their technology transfer program to that of planting many seeds. Each company’s licensed technology is the seed that can be planted, and the new company waters the seeds as they go to commercialization. From there, the goal is to grow into a viable company.

Recently, there have been some seeds that indeed have grown and are prospering – Source, a technology that makes water from the air; dropWorks, a benchtop, portable PCR machine; Calviri, working on cancer diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines, to name a few.

As for the economic engine, Kyle states that even if the companies are not able to grow or be sustainable, they still hire, still pay taxes, and still contribute to the economy.

ASU was recently ranked #8 in the world for issued patents at Universities. They continue to focus on innovation and have technology that can be licensed by others to create their own companies.

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