Keep on Showing Up

Keep on Showing Up

Cynthia Prato, Sunshine Goddess Life LL

Written by Shahid Meighan

Cynthia Prato spent 8 years in the Florida Army National Guard as a Military Intelligence Interrogator. After serving her country, she realized that the skills she was able to master in the military could be used to launch her journey into entrepreneurship. 

“I pursued entrepreneurship because when you’ve gone through a career field like that, it’s kind of difficult to sacrifice or to settle.”

Now, as a certified life coach and owner of Sunshine Goddess LLC, Cynthia now helps others launch their small businesses and realize the power and abilities they have within themselves to achieve their own goals and ambitions. She also hosts her own podcast called Prato Logic, where she discusses various topics such as motherhood, being an Army veteran, and life in general. As a Life Coach, Cynthia encourages her clients to stay consistent, and continue to try against all odds. 

“You show up, when you fail, you fail. You get back up and do it over again. You know, there might be a different way to do it. But just keep on showing up.”

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