What is the Local Buzz App?

What is the Local Buzz App?

Written by Hope Seasholes



Tony Ce, co-founder of the Local Buzz app discussed his passion for connection and community. His passions have crossed paths in the development of his app, which brings people to local events, restaurants and business in Phoenix through video discovery.


What does Venture Cafe mean to you?

Venture Cafe brings people in the community together. This community aspect of networking and being consistent weekly built the foundation for people in the tech community to congregate and feel comfortable that they’re not alone. The startup space can sometimes feel like it’s a solo journey. Having Venture Cafe here in Phoenix feels like there’s a community revolving around other entrepreneurs or startup founders that are in the same boat who are supportive of your endeavors and journeys. 


What is the Local Buzz App? 

Local Buzz is a local video discovery platform. It is different from other social platforms because we’re a social utility to help people understand and learn about what is really happening in local communities on a day to day basis through common interest. Local Buzz has many categories, everything from arts and culture, to events to nightlife, as well as community and outdoors. This is the only platform that provides what’s really happening around town in real time. We want to get people to go online and then go offline to connect through Local Buzz.


Have you had any memorable connections at Venture Cafe? 

I think that the best connection is hearing from startup founders who are succeeding and what they are going through, being able to relate because the journeys are similar.  I have met a couple people who are doing amazing things in the tech community. 


Do you have any Final Thoughts on Venture Cafe Phoenix? 

Venture Cafe is great, the team is very energetic and I appreciate all the work that is going on at these events, every week is something different. It’s good for people who are starting a startup and it’s also good for people who have been in startups for a while.


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