Meet Aryash Dubey

Meet Aryash Dubey

Founder | AI Technologies | Fellow @ ODF21 – Stealth Startup

Written by Tom Kelly

Aryash started coding at 14, selling five-figure software deals at 17 to fund hit US education. Over the past two years, he has been working with Gen-AI technology to develop sophisticated solutions. Another project of his at ASU is used by over 2000 ASU students and is recognized as one of the top student-led startups.
How did you hear about Venture Café?
I have been to VC multiple times now. I heard about it from a friend

Have you had any memorable connections at Venture Café Phoenix? If so, please tell us how you met them, who they are and how they have impacted you and your organization?

I met Kurt Greves at Venture Cafe last year. Since then, he has helped me multiple times with different things and is always ready to assist. Kurt also recommended me for this panel!

Biggest Failures and Lessons Learned?

Building something nobody wanted — didn’t talk to people before building.

Biggest Successes/Most Fulfilling Moments

First paying customers — always.

Can you discuss your experience at Venture Café Phoenix and any impact the event has had on your organization?

I’ve met a lot of cool people at VC Phoenix, and their advice has helped me pivot in some shape or form throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs and People Looking for their Passion

Solve a problem that you’re passionate about, because it will take longer than what you were expecting. Growth in a startup can cover up all your mistakes, so keep growing. And remember, the most important thing is Customers > (Investors, Your Vision, and just about everything else).

Most Impactful Book?

Shoe Dog
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