Meet Dan Tyre

Meet Dan Tyre

Founder, CEO – Tyre Angel

Written by Tom Kelly

Dan Tyre is the founder and CEO of Tyre Angel, an investment company with the mission of building great leaders and building great companies. He is a public speaker, author, investor, board member, and adviser. He’s spent 17+ years at HubSpot in a variety of roles, often focusing his considerable knowledge on expanding the sales team, with expertise in inbound sales, marketing, service and operations. He helped start the HubSpot for StartUps Program in 2010. His experience also includes work with startups including Classavo, Databox, ShearShare, Overflow, Gipper Media, Nivati, Chicory and 25+ other portfolio companies. Dan also coined the term “Smarketing” to describe the necessary alignment between sales and marketing. He has a BA from Colgate University and is based in Paradise Valley, Arizona.
Tell us a little more about your current role with your organization and how it has impacted the start-up ecosystem here in the greater Phoenix region?
I have invested in 30 socially responsible companies and advised or mentored dozens of start ups and scale ups, many in the Phoenix entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Tell us about the people, mentors, etc that have helped you along the way.

Steve Levy, Fred Snow, Murray Dennis, Dave Norman, Jack Derby

Biggest Successes/Most Fulfilling Moments

Married 25 years to the beautiful Amy Tyre, two socially responsible children & 5 start ups in 50 years (two with more than $1B annual revenue). Servant leadership is extremely fulfilling.

Have you had any memorable connections at Venture Café Phoenix? If so, please tell us how you met them, who they are and how they have impacted you and your organization/company.

Dozens via the live mentor program. I like to connect with PHX based entrepreneurs.

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs and People Looking for their Passion

1. Write up your plan. 2. Its always two steps forward, one step back. 3. Hustle is a competitive advantage.

Most Impactful Book?

The Inbound Organization by Hockenberry & Tyre
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