Meet Kevin Mead – CEO of Erabond

Written by Sarah Waschler

Kevin is the CEO of Erabond, a HubSpot agency that helps software startups grow. He’s helped 45 startups build automation for their sales and marketing teams. Kevin will take the stage during our Founder Fireside Chat on Thursday, August 24th at 6:25pm.

How did you hear about Venture Café Phoenix?
Forbes Shannon

Have you had any memorable connections at Venture Café Phoenix? If so, please tell us how you met them, who they are and how they have impacted you and your organization?
I met Murphy Raine and Lucas Petty here. They have became two of my closest friends. I went to their wedding and Murphy and I kickbox every week together.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by people who are generous to others. All of my mentors are people who take care of others before themselves. They show up for people who need them and are intentional with how they show up. I aspire to be similar to them.

Tell us a little more about your current role with your organization and how it has impacted the start-up ecosystem here in the greater Phoenix region.
I am the CEO of Erabond, a Platinum HubSpot agency. We work with software startups in the Valley and help them create predictable revenue by understanding their data. The most impactful moments with clients are the ones where they realize the one data point about their business that changes how easy it is to generate revenue. This may be a specific channel performing better, a salesperson succeeding by trying something new, or just making the whole team more productive. I’m lucky to say that I’ve been able to work with 45 startups and many of them have been Phoenix based.

Can you discuss your experience at Venture Café Phoenix and any impact the event has had on your organization?
I always enjoy coming to Venture Cafe. It’s a regular part of my routine each week. VC makes it easy to see all of my friends in one place while also making new relationships.

Any final thoughs on Venture Café Phoenix?
It’s a great place to form lifelong friendships with other ambitious people.

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