Mindfulness in Practice and Education

Mindfulness in Practice and Education

Written by Hope Seasholes

Mindfulness in Practice and Education


Mindfulness First is a non-profit working to bring trauma-informed mental health awareness and support through Mindfulness Based Social Emotional Learning beginning in schools through education. I spoke with co-founder Sunny Wight who discussed her experience at Venture Cafe Phoenix and the Mindfulness First 9th birthday celebration during Venture Madness. 


What does Venture Cafe Phoenix mean to you?

Venture Cafe is a warm and inviting environment that’s creating community for a wide variety of entrepreneurs and nonprofits in Phoenix. It’s an opportunity for a nonprofit like ours to share our mission of mental health wellbeing with the community. It’s also an opportunity for us to inspire folks to care for their mental health by sharing the science of stress and proven stress-management ideas. 


Have you had any memorable connections at Venture Cafe Phoenix?

The first time I attended the Venture Cafe Phoenix I was warmly welcomed by their organizers and directors, they are such a great group of people and they definitely set the tone for the evening. I did meet someone at the Venture Cafe whose children had attended some of our first mental health classes many years ago. As a father, he thanked Mindfulness First for our work! This was definitely a special moment. 


What is Mindfulness First?  Can you discuss your pitch experience at Venture Cafe during Venture Madness? 

Mindfulness First is a 501c3 nonprofit. Venture Cafe hosted our 9th Birthday party on the 15th of October and it was so much fun. We were able to not only present our history and successes to attendees, but our Board Member, Tony Williams of General Motors, was able to lead the group through a mindfulness practice. 


Any final thoughts on Venture Cafe Phoenix?

We love supporting the Venture Cafe and engaging with the community that is being built there. 


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