The Future of Music in the AZ Film Industry

Written by Alex Koupal

The Future of Music in the AZ Film Industry

Gabriel Bey is an impactful member of our Venture Café Phoenix Community. His contributions to the Music and Film industry in Arizona is astounding and has brought several industry leaders in the film and music industries to Venture Café Phoenix.  Gabe is helping us build this part of our community and will be helping us coordinate programming for a special night at Venture Café Phoenix around the new initiatives, incentives and tax breaks around the  growing music and film industry coming in 2023.


How did you hear about Venture Café?

Early on during the launch of Venture Café, a good friend and participating staff member, Alex Koupal, invited me to attend your first gathering.  I was unavailable at the time, but things started getting hot with my business activity and I was able to finally attend in 2022.

What does Venture Café Phoenix mean to you?

First impression was that Venture Café was just another networking gathering, but I quickly discovered that I was being introduced to new innovations and a plethora of engaged entrepreneurs.  My conceptions were further turned around when I attended a session with my Business Marketing Class from Glendale Community College.  Venture Café was a seeding spot where ideas could be planted and grown.  A forum for learning and engaging in growth and access to the future.

Have you had any memorable connections at Venture Café Phoenix?

I’ve had several memorable connections from Venture Café.  Naturally, the connections who are of the same mind in developing the music and film industries here in Arizona, but I had a twist that I never expected or considered.  I found myself a mentor and resource to Derick Tangap, of “Read the Future.”  A connection with a younger generation of innovation and application.  New thoughts and interpretations on ideas that quite frankly, never occurred to me.  A partnership.  Derick’s company has been like an new media platform acquisition that I had never considered acquiring.  I find myself, my company, and my ideas deeply connected and pass information off to his autonomous media in support of my community engagement and have it transmitted in new ways.

What is your organization and what does it do?

Moorish Manor Management LLC has legitimately been in existence since 2007, but it was a concept that I developed in 1970 as Moorish Manor Music.  Moorish Manor has existed as a shadow company working in the background with “little” visibility but developed opportunities for small music productions.

The company was placed on the backburner while working tirelessly for AzCulture as a Principal Partner.  With the separation from AzCulture, Moorish Manor was re-introduced to present concerts, festivals, and represent new and underserved artists with potential for career advancement.

My passion has been to grow the music and film industries here in Arizona so along with concert planning and oversight, Moorish Manor is in the planning stages of a music and film festival called PHXMF, scheduled for the fall of 2024.  

Can you discuss your experience at Venture Café and any impact the event has had on your organization?

During my first attendance at Venture Café, I did a Pop-Up Presentation of what my company was doing to bring the Music and Film Industries to the valley.  To my surprise, there were several individuals interested and engaged in the same practice.  This led to the introduction of other like-minded people and businesses who I am connected to and working with to assist with their mission.

Most notably, I have connected with the City of Phoenix Film Commissioner, the ITASE, AFL-CIO, SAG-AFTA unions, Independent Film Makers Group, and discovered Venture Café is taking on the topic of bring/building the film industry to Arizona.  I would call that impactful.

Any final thoughts on Venture Café Phoenix?

Should you want to broaden your horizons and your borders, Venture Café offers a pool of information, ideas, with people with the desire to make a difference and manifest their driven dreams and desires.  There is more than enough work to be done, why not discover if there are others who seek like goals and work collectively.  Venture Café offers the opportunities you seek.

Learn more about Morish Manor click here, or to learn more about AZCulture click here.

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