The Inspiration of Qwick

The Inspiration of Qwick

Jen Schuster, Director of Product Design – Qwick

Jen Schuster has a long history of working on different online platforms including e-commerce, social gaming, and an online learning platform. She knew she had found something special with Qwick.

Qwick is an online on-demand staffing platform that matches hospitality businesses with hospitality freelancers. Qwick has rapidly transformed and solved the problem of the high turnover in the industry and the notorious reputation for last minute no shows.

“It is so inspiring to work for Qwick and the story itself is inspiring,” Jen states.

Qwick began in 2018 with its staffing concept and tested it with a minimal viable product (MVP). Their MVP consisted of texting businesses and hospitality freelancers, matching them up, then getting them on a shift. The MVP worked, the app was launched and as of July 2022, they have hit 100,000 shifts listed on the platform.

What happened during the pandemic, you might ask? Qwick kept its focus and began to work to get seasoned professionals on the platform, onboarding them through virtual orientations.

The success of Qwick is not just for those in the hospitality industry, but also for employees. They are rated Fortune Magazine’s BEST PLACE TO WORK for the second year in a row. As for their business success, they are listed in the top 1% of fastest growing companies in the U.S. and the #1 company for growth in Arizona.

Arizona needs companies that build our reputation for success and Qwick is definitely doing just that.

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