The Path to a Career

The Path to a Career

Director of Workforce Strategy – PipelineAZ

Five years ago, pipeline AZ ( was just a thought – how to innovate careers and education through building a collaborative community. That thought has become a reality and as of now the tech platform has 60,000 users.

The collaborative tech platform supports the path to new and unique careers through education. Many students don’t know that careers like AI and robotics are available. There is a gap in their knowledge and though there are many tools and resources on careers, none of them are complete and often cause confusion. One of the questions that students need answered is “what does it take to get into a certain career?”

To create the answer, PipelineAZ collaborated with 50 educators to look at career navigation through the lens of education to bring solutions to three main issues for career paths today:

  1. The need for a singular, shared technology infrastructure
  2. To have a feedback loop between industry and educators
  3. To allow equitable access to all

PipelineAZ has connected with all the Universities and Community Colleges in Arizona to align education paths with careers. This enables career seekers to explore hundreds of careers and the education needed to get there.

The Maricopa Community College District has trail blazed with PipelineAZ to create an end-to-end solution through the Community Colleges, so that students have a validated career path and the support needed to ensure they complete their education.

This innovative approach is also being offered as early as middle school so students can begin exploring and seeing opportunities.

For employers, there is a job board to list positions, and a way to build your future pipeline of talent.

PipelineAZ continues to build collaborations with education, the community, and industry in Arizona. They are looking for individuals, employers and other to support the cause. How can you help?

  • You can become an advocate and help spread the word.
  • If you are an employer, we encourage you to join and help build a relevant platform of careers for your industry. Go to for more information
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