The Sound Makes Art . . .

The Sound Makes Art . . .

Emmett Potter, Artist and Entrepreneur – Rainbow Maker

We know our five senses; sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. We also know we can combine some of our senses, but not others. One sense we don’t usually think can be visualized is sound. Artist Emmett Potter, also known as RNBWMKR (Rainbow Maker), is challenging that with his artwork.


Potter says, “My passion is taking sound and technology and merging it together to visualize it in a light form so that you actually get to see the sound.” 

He creates his media artwork by using generative analog video synthesizers and experimental music and sound installations that give the audience a sound as an image in an immersive setting. The artwork is an exploration of auditory and visual perception.


How did Potter end up down this journey? “I’m a musician and I wanted some cool visuals for our band and I got one device and fell down a rabbit hole for two and half years and ended up having a whole system now and this is my practice of art medium.”


His goal is to create immersive spaces that you can go to with projection mapping, which would include projection on different elements like sculptures so that you aren’t watching on a flat screen.


Want Emmett to create art for your space or interested in seeing one of his installations? Visit:

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