Using Vowels for a Consistent Sales Process

Using Vowels for a Consistent Sales Process

Chief Sales Officer – The Sales Activist

All businesses understand the need for sales but Joe Beck, who helps entrepreneurs learn how to get sales results, has found that entrepreneurs fail to grow their business because they lack two things: 

  1.   a client acquisition process
  2.   a consistent and repeatable sales process

 Joe’s experience has shown that a broken and inconsistent sales process can quickly slow or halt sales. He says that having the perfect sales process begins with being able to easily remember the process. “Do you remember your vowel?” Joe asked.

His easy to remember system to help entrepreneurs uses A,E,I,O,U to allow easy recall and reflection on where a customer is in the sales process. This makes the sales process consistent and repeatable. This process works for any industry.

A – Attract people to you, your business, the brand, and the business story

E – Engage – Engage them by meeting with them in person and look them in the eye. Joe feels that many times we have FTE or “failure to engage” syndrome. This comes from using texts or emails, this does not create engagement.  He  sales process  – get to know them, learn what they want to accomplish and what is important to them

I  – Impact – Joe states, “to change the world, you need to include impact in everything you do.”  He sees that in today’s world everything has gained speed and velocity in business and the world around us and value has become something people expect. He feels providing value is no longer a game changer, you have to provide impact .  Joe shared that impact comes from understanding the emotional reasons why people make decisions. To truly impact customers you have to know that if your business saves them a large amount of money, what and how this impacts the customer’s world.

 O  – Offer  – Joes says you must offer them something whether it is a resource, an idea, anything . . .if you don’t ask and find a way to the client, most of the time it won’t happen and you’ve lost the opportunity.

 U – Understanding – This is about defining the next step and ensuring that all parties clearly understand what that next step is.

According to Joe, using this mnemonic device will keep you from getting off track in the sales process and help you to have consistency and a repeatable sales process to grow your company.

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