VCPHX Open Mic Spotlight—Matteo Vlasic

VCPHX Open Mic Spotlight—Matteo Vlasic

“Does anybody here know who’s running in their local school board election?” Matteo Vlasic asked the VCPHX open mic audience.

Vlasic, who’s been to multiple Venture Cafe Phoenix Thursday gathering’s shared the new project he’s working on, Kyvius, during the open mic at Venture Cafe Twenty Six, Healthcare Innovation night.

Kyvius (the Know Your Vote Initiative U.S.) is a political SaaS tool that will empower candidates and voters.

“Currently candidates face an uphill battle from the moment they decide to run for office,” Vlasic says. “Campaigning today is expensive, time consuming, and outdated. So we decided to build a solution that finally leverages technology to modernize the process.”

Kyvius will be a centralized platform which will allow candidates to digitize quickly, run data driven campaigns, and connect to voters directly. By creating a central platform with independently run candidate pages – Kyvius will also be the one stop shop for voter education. Simply search by zip code and the voter can pull up every election and every candidate they can vote for.

“One of our main goals is to drive an increase in down ballot voting by giving local candidates an all in one platform to connect with voters,” Vlasic said. To learn more about Kyvius, connect with Vlasic on Instagram. 

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