VCPHX Open Mic Spotlight — Sabrina Smith

VCPHX Open Mic Spotlight — Sabrina Smith

At Venture Cafe Phoenix 26, Healthcare Innovation night, Sabrina Smith took a chance at the VCPHX open mic to let our Venture Cafe community know what she was up to.

Smith, a Junior at Grand Canyon University studying Marketing and Advertising with a minor in Sports and Entertainment management, is in the process of starting her own company, Vasari Equestrian.

Vasari will focus on the innovation of horse winter blankets. Smith’s approach to the product will bring new technology and scientific advancements to the product—making the blankets more efficient. Further, Smith says, her blanket is designed with optimum comfort and high end quality in mind.

“I am currently in the works of multiple prototypes and testing,” Smith Said. “I am thankful for the networking opportunities at Venture Cafe Phoenix and the opportunities that GCU has given me and I look forward to turning my idea into a reality!”

Learn more about what Sabrina Smith and Vasari are building through her LinkedIn.

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