Work and the Metaverse

Work and the Metaverse

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Founder/CEO – Founders Workshop

The Metaverse is both an idea and a natural evolution of the current internet.

It is an inevitable and the natural course of maturing technologies and human connections, says Vincent Serpico while presenting at Venture Cafe Phoenix on September 15th.

The Metaverse is here to stay (and grow) as demonstrated by all of the investments into the technology. The state of AZ earmarked $600M for Metaverse investment, Meta (Facebook) spent $10B+ (so far) on Metaverse development, and  Citigroup estimates the Metaverse will be a $13T market by 2030.

The implications for the Metaverse, and what it could mean for the future of work and play, is massive. In the presentation, Serpico had a live demo where attendees could put on a VR headset and sit in a virtual meeting with three of his employees, one of which was currently outside the country. Together, they could all meet together over a virtual conference table in the Metaverse.

Since 2008, Founder’s Workshop has launched 150+ software products, web and mobile apps, and startup MVPs. They build startup MVPs, internal software, healthcare tech, and system integrations, in addition to their Metaverse projects.

Their newest Metaverse project is creating a virtual replica of a smash room where users can virtually destroy NFTs to release stress, much like they do in a real smash room.

Learn more about what Serpico and his team are building here.

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